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Land of Minerva is officially out!  Recording my first album was an incredible experience, with lots of up's & down's.  The invaluable knowledge and experience I have gained will only make my next album that much more fun to record. Land of Minerva is available for stream or purchase from all of the major online outlets like Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.
Starting April 6th, I will be publishing 1 chapter of  "Journey of Enlightenment" every 2 weeks.  This is the tale of an internal struggle, that paves the way for some mindful self exploration into how we deal with the problem solving process.  Are you ready for a journey?


News-Press Article

I was included in this week's music section in the News-Press!  This is always an exciting adventure to be included in local media.  You can read the full article HERE 


Afternoon Jams & Intro To Improvising

I would like to thank everyone for their patience.  I have been in the process of redesigning my studio area that I use to produce both Afternoon Jams & Intro To Improvising.  Even as we can see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, I am still seeing some delays in product availability.  I should be back to full production in the next few weeks.