Can your mind take you to a place where you can vision anything you wish?  Are you ready for a journey full of experiences you may not have even known you desired?  Michael Vincent has been playing experimental improvised rock for over twenty years.  Why not let him be the vehicle for a journey of the mind while delivering top notch music.

Michael started playing guitar after a sports injury in 1998, which caused severe nerve damage in his left wrist.  It was suggested he find an activity that used dexterity in his wrist or he risked losing functionality of his fingers later on in life.  Turns out the guitar was the perfect activity for this goal.  Through the same time frame, Michael found inspiration in the Dave Matthews Band. Against the advice of his guitar mentor, Michael spent hour upon hour learning Dave Matthews Band songs.  The logic being that if he learned the harder stuff first, than the easier music would become that much easier for him.  This logic has made him a better guitarist and overall artist.

As the years progressed, Michael began to expand his musical tastes and developed a passion for jam bands like the Grateful Dead.  Their experimental approach to songs became a fascination for him, wanting to learn as much as he could about Jerry Garcia’s techniques.  Since his discovery of improvised rock, he has been shaping his own style.  Michael hopes that you are ready to have your mind escape your reality.